ASK4 Diagnostics FAQ

  • What does the ASK4 Diagnostics app do?
    The ASK4 Diagnostics app performs a 2-3 minute scan from your device to help us assist with any WiFi issues that you may be experiencing

    This gives our Support team a set of test results ready to analyse:

    • The model and software version of your device
    • A list of the WiFi networks that your device can see and the signal strength that it can see them at
    • A speed test from your device
    • Connection quality tests to several websites
  • Why do I need to run the app in a specific location?
    Your wireless environment is unique, so in order to obtain the most useful data to resolve your issue we ask that the test is run in the location you are experiencing the problem. Not doing so may mean we will ask for the test to be run again.
  • I’ve run the app but my problem isn’t resolved, what should I do?
    Running the app alone will not resolve any WiFi issues, you need to provide the ASK4 support team with your unique key so that we can analyse the results and make any relevant changes or suggestions. If your WiFi problem is particularly complex, we may request some further additional tests. Our Support team will guide you through these if they are required.
  • Can I run the test multiple times?
    Yes, you can run the test multiple times, please ensure that you do test in the location that you are having issues however and note the time that you ran the test when contacting the ASK4 Support team. This will ensure that we can analyse the most relevant test results.
  • I am having trouble running the test on the ASK4 Diagnostics app, what should I do?
    You should first try to fully close the app on your device, if you are still having issues you should reboot your device, if this doesn’t resolve the issue the next step is to delete the app and reinstall it on your device. If all of this fails, give our Support team a call.
  • Can I install the ASK4 Diagnostics app onto my laptop?
    Currently, the app is only available for Apple and Android-based tablets and phones.
  • The app store / play store tells me that the app is made by RouteThis, who are RouteThis?
    RouteThis are the developers for the ASK4 Diagnostics app, specifically chosen to help diagnose your WiFi problems, you can find out more about them here

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