WiFi Help

Welcome to WiFi Self-Help

Work your way through the steps below, and if they don’t fix your issue, just get in touch with our friendly Support Team.

  • No WiFi Connection / WiFi performance issues
       1. Connect to ASK4 Wireless

    1. – Select the WiFi symbol on your device and then the WiFi network name to connect

      – You must register your device first in order to connect to ASK4Wireless 802.1x (our secure network)

    2.  2. Log in to your ASK4 account.

    3. – Don’t have an account yet? Create a new one.

      – Make sure you are logging into the correct account.

      – If you have moved accommodations you will need to create a new one.

      – If you have stayed at the same building, you may just need to log in to your account and renew your package.

    4.  3. Add your devices via MyAccount

    5. – Ensure all of your devices are registered to your account – Click here for help with this

      – Going to myaccount.ask4.com and selecting ‘Enable this device’ on the device you wish to add is the easiest way to do this.

    6. If none of these steps resolve your issue, move to the below troubleshooting checks.

  • Troubleshooting Steps
    1. Reboot your device – It’s a cliché but it works!
    2. Update your device – Delaying updates can cause issues
    3. Try another browser – Sometimes it’s the browser itself not performing as well
    4. Choose Wired – Use a wired connection for stationary devices
    5. Disable your VPN – Test the connection without your VPN or Anti-Virus enabled. If the connection doesn’t work with these switched on you may need to contact your IT provider. If you don’t use a VPN or proxy, you won’t need this step.
    6. Refresh the connection – Forget the network and reconnect
    7. Test your Hotspot – Try connecting to your smart phone’s hotspot to rule out the problem being with your device
    8. Switch networks – Try the open ASK4Wireless rather than 802.1x
    9. Re-register Private MACs – If you have ‘Private MAC’ addresses enabled, you may need to re-register the device to your account

    10. Feeling technical? Try the below additional steps before giving us a call.

    11. Check your IP address. – If it starts with a 10, it’s an ASK4 IP. If it starts with 192 or any other numbers, you are connecting to the wrong network. See here for further details and help finding your IP.
    12. Is your device dual band? – If your device is quite old, check the model name online – if the device is listed as ‘Single band’ (2.4ghz) and not ‘Dual band’ (2.4ghz & 5ghz) it may be experiencing issues because of this. Our network provides 2.4ghz, 5ghz & 6ghz signals so your device will do better if it can connect to two or more of those.
    13. Prefer 5Ghz – To prefer the 5Ghz wireless frequency on your device follow these instructions on how to do this & why
    14. Set IP & DNS Settings to Auto – Ensure any IP or DNS settings are set to automatic

    15. No improvement? Finding this too complicated? Get in touch here.