Making a Formal Complaint

At ASK4 we aim to provide outstanding customer service. If you feel that we have failed to do so, you can submit a formal complaint by completing the form below. Please include the following information in the “Complaint Details” section:
  • A summary of the complaint
  • Any supporting evidence you wish to provide.The more information you provide the better. Examples of the kind of information you should provide include:
  • Any ticket or issue references that we have used
  • The names of ASK4 staff that you have spoken to about this issue
  • Dates and times
  • Any phone numbers you may have called us from – so that we can check phone logs
  • Any emails you may have sent us
  • If your issue relates to your personal data and the way we have handled it, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at

    You can also submit your complaint in writing to the following address: The Complaints Team ASK4 Devonshire Green House 14 Fitzwilliam Street Sheffield S1 4JL
    • Complaints can only be accepted via the online form and letter, not over the phone.
    • Our policy is that you will receive an initial response confirming receipt of the complaint within 24 hours of the email or letter arriving.
    • Our policy is that you will receive an update on the progress of the investigation into your complaint within 3 working days of the confirmation.
    • Our policy is that you will receive a formal response within 7 working days of receiving the first update.
    • If you are not happy with the response that you receive, you have the right to escalate the matter or appeal against any decision that has been made.
    • If you do not believe we have managed to resolve your query or concern, you also have the right to complain to the data protection regulator. For the UK, that’s the Information Commissioner. If you live or work in the European Economic Area, you either file a complaint with the local data protection regulator in the Member State where you live, where the suspected the infringement took place. You’ll need the details below to do this:

    Name: Ask4 Limited


    Our location: Devonshire Green House, 14 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield S1 4JL

    Our email address:

    • As a final point of arbitration, we are registered with the Ombudsman Services: Communications (OS:C) and will abide by any decision that they make. OS:C can be found here.