Are Wifi Radio Waves Safe?

WiFi and Your Health

We understand that our customers may have concerns around the impacts of WiFi on their health. This is a matter we take very seriously and have conducted extensive research among independent bodies to provide the following statement:

According to the ‘Wi-fi radio waves and health’ guidance published by Public Health England on the website:

“There is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to RF signals from wi-fi and WLANs adversely affect the health of the general population.

The signals from wi-fi are very low power, typically 0.1 watt (100 milliwatts), in both the computer and the mast (or router) and resulting exposures should be well within internationally-accepted guidelines.

The frequencies used are broadly the same as those from other RF applications.

Based on current knowledge, RF exposures from wi-fi are likely to be lower than those from mobile phones.

On the basis of current scientific information, exposures from wi-fi equipment satisfy international guidelines. There is no consistent evidence of health effects from RF exposures below guideline levels and no reason why schools and others should not use wi-fi equipment.”

‘RF applications’ (Radio Frequency applications) include FM Radios and televisions.

Public Health England (PHE) released a further publication in February 2020 ‘Radio waves: reducing exposure from mobile phones’, and it states:

“Exposures from devices held further away from the body such as wireless-enabled laptop computers, and transmitter masts in the community are very much lower than those from mobile phones and PHE considers that community or individual measures to reduce such exposures are unnecessary.”

Further details can be found in the following UK government publication on the matter – Electromagnetic fields (, and statement from the World Health Organisation – Electromagnetic fields and public health (

The above information is recognised internationally and ASK4 are satisfied that there is no risk higher than the use of a mobile phone on individual health.


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