Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the wall port in your room.
  • If you’re not sure if your accommodation has a wired service, check with your residence manager.

  • WiFi

  • On the device you wish to use, open your internet browser and go to It’s easy from there – just create a new account.

  • Already have an account? – Renew your connection by logging in, but if you’ve moved to a different accommodation, you’ll need to make a fresh new account.
  • Want to add a new device? – If you already have an account and wish to register a new device, just log in at and follow the prompts to enable your device.
  • Your device now has a new MAC address that may need to be added to your account. Simply sign into your account on the device and click ‘enable this device’ at the top of the page.
  • If you have filled all of your device slots, you may have to remove an existing/previous MAC address.
  • ASK4 Wireless (802.1x) adds an extra layer of authentication before you can connect and provides WPA2 security between your device and the Wireless Access Point you’re connecting to.
  • When creating your ASK4 account for the first time, you must use the open ASK4 Wireless SSID. Once you have your account created, you can then connect to the ASK4 Wireless (802.1x) network by using your new ASK4 username and password when your device prompts you to enter them.
  • You will not notice any difference in performance between ASK4 Wireless and ASK4 Wireless (802.1x).

  • My Account

  • Log in at and click ‘enable this device’. If that isn’t available, add the device manually by locating the device MAC address in the device management section of your account.
  • Click here for a guide for finding the MAC address on specific devices
  • Go to and remove the device in ‘Manage My Devices’
  • Contact the account holder to remove the device for you. They can do this anywhere by going to
  • If the account is an old one you created, you should contact our support team via Live Chat

  • Add-ons

  • We provide your devices with access to the internet as standard. To share data between them, you need to enable 4Network.

    4Network creates a secure, private network that belongs to you.

    With 4Network enabled you can print to a WiFi printer from your phone, connect your smart speaker, your personal assistant and more.

    To purchase this add-on, select it during signup or go to ‘Upgrades’ at Already have 4Network? Switch it on via My Account.

  • Add unlimited devices with this add-on. To purchase, select it during signup or go to ‘Upgrades’ at
  • This add-on includes both 4Connect and 4Network. To purchase this add-on, select it during signup or go to ‘Upgrades’ at
  • Back up your important files and photos with unlimited cloud storage for a one off payment. Learn how to set it up here. To purchase this add-on, select it during signup or go to ‘Upgrades’ at
  • Read more about 4Backup here
  • At some accommodations, your room or apartment may be fitted with an intercom / phone provided by ASK4. More FAQs here here

  • Packages

  • Depending on your internet use the Base package is usually sufficient, however if you need faster speeds for gaming or heavy downloads you may want to look at the faster packages.
  • WiFi is fine for online gaming, but to maximise performance we recommend using the wired service
  • To upgrade your package go to and select ‘Upgrade my Broadband’.
  • Any available upgrades will be listed here.
  • We do not limit any downloads.
  • If you need faster speeds for gaming you may want to look at the faster packages. However most of our gaming customers have no issues on the base package.
  • We also recommend using the wired service to maximise the speed and minimise packet loss for this sort of internet use.

  • Refunds

  • Get in touch with our support team via Live Chat.
  • You will need to request this within 14 days of purchase.
  • Once processed refunds take between 5-10 working days, but usually much sooner depending on your bank.
  • If you cannot accept the payment back onto the card on which you originally paid, this may take longer.

  • Moving out

  • Nothing! Your account will naturally expire. Our system automatically deletes your personal data after 18 months.
  • However, if you have a direct debit or recurring card payment, you will have to get in touch with us to make sure these are disabled and you don’t continue to be charged.
  • Get in touch with our team via Live Chat or call us.
  • Simply to go and remove your card details from the ‘Manage Credit Card’ section.
  • Yes. But we need to make sure it’s you requesting this. Get in touch with us via phone or Live Chat to confirm. Bear in mind, your account will naturally expire. Our system automatically deletes your personal data after 18 months.
  • No, you will need to create a new account
  • You will need to purchase the add-on again unless you are within your 14 day cooling off period, as site packages may vary.

  • Usage

  • Yes. Lots of our customers have set up a NAS successfully on the network. If you have any problems regarding ports please contact our support team via Live Chat
  • Using your own router can cause significant disruption to the connection of those around you. We strongly recommend against this and may request you make configuration changes or unplug the device if others experience problems as a result.
  • Of course! You can use a VPN client on your devices to connect to a virtual private network. If you would like to run a VPN Server on one of your devices, you may require a 1:1 NAT connection. Give us a call or chat to us via Live Chat and we’ll be able to enable this for you.
  • Yes, but depending on your package you may need to purchase the 4ConnectPlus add-on to enable 4Network. See ‘What is 4Network’ for more details.
  • No, our service relies on power being provided to the rooms within your accommodation where we have active equipment (often called a comms or server room).

    This means in some cases where the power issue is localised, our service will continue to work if you have no power within your unit. However, in limited cases, you equally may not have service where power is available to your room but not the main comms or server rooms within your accommodation.

    If making calls or accessing the internet is critical to you when there’s a power cut, please make sure you have access to an alternative battery powered technology, such as a mobile phone.

    Games Consoles

  • Just add the MAC address at Click here for some helpful steps
  • If your accommodation provides a wired connection, we recommend this form of connection to reduce any potential latency.
  • Get in touch to see what we can do to improve this by enabling 1-2-1 NAT, contact us on Live Chat or give us a call as we need to pass security before making any changes to your connection.

    Enabling 1-2-1 NAT on your connection (dependent on IP availability) will open TCP port 22 (SSH) and all ports over 1024. Please refer to your device’s documentation to find out which ports it uses.
  • Once enabled, you will need to give your console a full power down, and reboot before the change can take effect. This may require unplugging the power socket for up to a minute to ensure a full power cycle has been performed. Please note – you can only have one device per account with 1:1 NAT enabled at any given time.

  • Contacting the support team

  • Check our Contact Us page. We offer Live Chat, email and phone call support.
  • The easiest way would be via our Live Chat service
  • Of course, but we will need the account holder to pass our security questions first.
  • We’re open 24 hours a day

  • Accessibility

  • Visit our Accessibility page for details of our services

  • On your web browser, look for the little icon shaped like a person in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click or tap on it for accessibility options.
  • We offer a British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation service via InterpretersLive!.

  • Visit the Contact Us page for more details (service available 8am-8pm GMT)

  • Within the UK you can use the ASK4 service to connect to The Emergency Video Relay service provided by Sign Language Interactions.
  • The Emergency Video Relay will enable deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users to contact the emergency services through a British Sign Language interpreter.
  • To access the service, you can make a call through the 999 BSL app (iOS and Android devices) or website to make a call to 999.
  • Your call will go to a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter first, who will appear on the screen.
  • The BSL interpreter will then call the 999 operator through landline and will relay the conversation. More information can be found here: