How Do I Set Up My Devices For 4Network?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with the username and password you chose at Signup:
  3. My account login
  4. Go to the “Manage My Devices” section:
  5. Manage My Devices
  6. Click the big slider switch to enable 4Network (if the switch doesn’t work, you need to purchase the 4Connect-Plus add-on or 4Network is not available at your site):
  7. a. Disabled:

    b. Enabled:

  8. 4Network is now enabled for all your devices:
  9. Device Details
  10. If the device you want to use with 4Network is not visible, you need to add it by pressing the blue “+ Add New Device” Button:
  11. Add new device button
  12. If you are unable to add another device, you have reached your device limit and will need to purchase 4Connect or remove one of your other devices.
  13. Your devices are now ready to use and should have visibility of one another across the Network.
Click here for help locating your device MAC Address