Speed Information

Understanding Speed

Speeds throughout the building

The headline speed associated with your ASK4 account is your Internet package speed.

Your Internet package speed is the capacity available for the shared use of all your devices within your building. The top speed any one device will achieve will vary depending on the limitations of the device and how that device is connected to the Internet (i.e. wired or wireless).

1Gb/s packages

If you have a 1Gb/s package, multiple devices, within multiple locations, will be required to make use of the full 1Gb/s capacity. Individual wired devices will have a maximum achievable speed of 940Mb (for wired connections via in-room access point this is a total across all available ports). 1Gb/s speeds are not achievable to any one device over a wireless connection.


The aggregate speeds you experience across your devices can be lower than your headline package speed. Speeds may be affected by things we cannot control – like the device you are using, and the number of users online accessing a particular website. High usage, such as during major sporting events, my also cause congestion at peak times.

However, we ensure that average attainable speeds at peak times is 80% of the headline package speeds.

The average attainable speed is the speed available for at least 50% of the customer base across all our sites on the same package at peak time (8-10pm)