How do I connect a games console?

Should I connect Wired or Wireless?

For online gaming, we would always recommend using a wired connection where available. A wired network connection will always be faster and more stable, providing a smoother gaming experience.

Finding your MAC address – Common Consoles

Please note, a MAC address is 12 digits long, and will only contain numbers 0-9, and letters A-F, e.g. AA:11:BB:22:CC:33. These are not case sensitive.

  • Xbox One
    1. On the Dashboard, on the Home tab, press left to access your Quick Guide.
    2. Scroll down to the cog symbol and then select All Settings.
    3. Scroll down to Network and then select Network Settings.
    4. Go to Advanced Settings and you will see a small list of information on the right hand side of your screen including: Wired MAC – for an Ethernet connection Wireless MAC – for a Wireless connection
  • Nintendo Switch
    1. Go to System Settings
    2. Scroll down to “Internet”
    3. You will see your MAC address noted in the information on the Right of your screen
  • Playstation 4
    1. On the menu, go to Settings.
    2. Scroll down to System.
    3. Once in system, go to System Information.
    4. You will now see a small list of information including:  MAC Address (LAN Cable) – for an Ethernet connection MAC Address (Wi-Fi) – for a Wireless connection
  • Xbox 360
    1. On the Dashboard, go to the Settings tab, and then go to System.
    2. Scroll down to Network Settings and then select either Ethernet or ASK4 Wireless depending on your preferred method of connectivity*. *If the console is not already registered on your account it will now attempt to connect to the network and fail. This is normal.
    3. Go to Configure Network.
    4. Press Right on your controller to go to the Additional Settings tab, and then scroll down to Advanced Settings.
    5. You should now see your MAC address in the bottom half of your screen.
  • Playstation 3
    1. On the main menu, go to Settings.
    2. Scroll down to System Settings.
    3. Go to System Information.
    4. Your MAC address will be listed there.
  • Wii U
    1. On the main menu go to System Settings.
    2. Tap on Internet.
    3. Go to View Mac Address.
    4. You will now have your Wii U’s MAC address on your screen.
  • Nintendo 3DS
    1. Go to System Settings.
    2. Tap on Internet Settings (please note, you will need to have your wireless adaptor enabled on the device to access this menu).
    3. Tap on Other Information.
    4. Tap Confirm Mac Address and you should now see your MAC address on the bottom screen.

Adding the Games Console to your Account

Go to and log in to your ASK4 account.


Go to “Manage My Devices”


Now we just need to add your Games Console to your account by clicking the blue Add New Device button.


Now enter a name and the MAC Address we took earlier, then click Add New Device.


Now connect your games console to the wired or wireless network and you should be able to get online!