How to connect Smart Watches

Note: If your watch uses bluetooth to connect, you will not need to add the device to your account. If your watch needs WiFi to work, you will need to have 4Network enabled on your account. 4Network is part of the 4Connect-Plus add-on, purchasable via

Finding your Smart Watch’s MAC Address

If you wish to connect to the WiFi on your Smart Watch, you will need to add the MAC address of the watch to your account.

How you would locate the MAC address on your Smart Watch will differ slightly between different makes and models. However, below are some guides on how you can locate this for some more popular models. It is likely that your watch will follow a similar path to one of the examples below. If you are still unable to locate this using the guides below, we would recommend you contact the manufacturer of the watch or consult the device user manual for guidance.

Apple Watch

  1. Once paired with your iPhone via Bluetooth, open the Apple watch application on your phone
  2. Go to “General”
  3. Then “About”
  4. You will see the MAC address of your Apple watch on this list of information as “WiFi Address”


  1. From an active Home screen, swipe up
  2. Tap on “Settings”
  3. Then “Gear info”
  4. You will see the WiFi MAC address on this page.

Motorola 360

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Now go to “WiFi Settings”
  3. After the list of available networks, you should see “Advanced”
  4. The MAC address will be listed in here

Adding the device to your Account

To add your device to your account, go to or visit this page for a step by step guide.

Connecting your Smart Watch to ASK4

You’re now ready to power up your device and connect it to the network. Follow the instructions that came with your device to complete the setup.