ASK4 Gateway & Line Upgrade

  We are making our service better!

National network

Line Upgrade

We will be carrying out upgrade/maintenance works to the underground fibre that provides service to your accommodation. These works mean that we can continue to provide a fast, reliable and future proof service. These lines stretch all across the UK and these essential works that are being carried out are done remotely by our engineers which means down time is minimal and we will get your Internet back up and working as quickly and smoothly as possible. UK Network map

State of the art equipment

Gateway Upgrade

Imagine a router that is over 100 times more powerful than your home router – this is the piece of equipment we have on site that allows you to use the Internet service and manages the connections for your devices. We are going to make essential upgrades to this piece of equipment which will allow us to continue offering a fast, reliable and secure service 24/7.

Always there

Why are ASK4 doing these works, and what can I expect?

To minimise disruption, we are merging these works. This means we will be conducting both upgrades in a single day, between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00. In most cases, the total downtime will be less than 1 hour, the first outage will be 10-15 minutes, and then again later on which will take approximately 45 minutes. Unfortunately due to the resources required by these works, this maintenance work does need to be carried out during the daytime; but rest assured, we will keep down time to a minimum and these essential upgrades will offer many long terms benefits that make the works extremely worth while.