Connecting a SONOS Speaker to ASK4

Note: To use your SONOS you will need to have 4Network enabled on your account. 4Network is part of the 4Connect-Plus add-on, purchasable via

For the smoothest setup experience, please follow our guide before powering on your new SONOS speaker.

Locating the SONOS MAC address

On the bottom of your SONOS will be a MAC address. This will be a 12 digit code, with each pair of digits separated by a hyphen, e.g. 11-AA-BB-22-CC-FF. You’ll find an extra 13th digit at the end. Please ignore this.

The image below has the MAC address highlighted in green.

Adding the device to your Account

To add your device to your account, go to or visit this page for a step by step guide.

Connecting your SONOS to ASK4

Connect the Ethernet cable which came supplied with your SONOS to the wall port in your room and then to the back of the SONOS. Using a wired connection will provide a much more stable connection, ensuring a trouble-free listening experience. You will also find the setup process using wired much easier.

Download the SONOS app for the device you would like to set it up with. Switch on your SONOS and follow the instructions with the app to get connected.