Signing up using a wireless connection

To create an account using your wireless (WiFi) connection:

  • Connect to the ASK4 Wireless network name (Not “ASK4 Wireless (802.1x)”. More info on that here.
  • If the signup page doesn’t appear automatically, open up your Internet browser and go to
  • Complete the signup process to get connected.

I’m having problems

    • Check your wireless is enabled. This can sometimes be a button on your computer to enable/disable it.
    • Ensure you have connected to “ASK4 Wireless” and not “ASK4 Wireless (802.1x)”.
    • Try moving to a different location within your flat, such as the kitchen or corridor to see if it’s a wireless signal problem.
    • Ensure that your TCP/IP settings are set to automatic:


      • Type Start (Windows Logo Key) + R, then once the run command has appeared type ncpa.cpl.
      • This page will bring up your current connections, once on this page right-click on your wireless connection.
      • Then select Properties.
      • Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IP4), please ensure this is still ticked, then select properties.
      • Your TCP/IP settings should be set to Obtain an IP Address automatically and Obtain a DNS server address automatically.
      • Click OK.


    • Go to System Preferences.
    • Then select Network.
    • On the left hand side you should see a list of you Network Adapters, please select your Wireless Connection and select Advanced
    • On TCP/IP tab please ensure that you are using DHCP and on the DNS Tab please ensure there are no DNS servers in the DNS Servers box. To remove one select it and then select the minus button below.
    • Ensure you’re trying to go to in your browser.
    • Try an alternative, non-secure website such as
    • Try a different web browser.
    • Reboot your computer/device.
    • Temporarily disable your security software (anti-virus, Firewall, etc).
    • Try connecting from a different device (phone/tablet, etc) to identify if the issue is with your device or ASK4’s wireless.