Signing up using a wired connection

To create an account using your wired (Ethernet) connection:

  • Connect your network cable between the ethernet port of your Laptop/PC and the wall port in your room.
  • If the signup page doesn’t automatically appear, open up your Internet browser and go to
  • Complete the signup process to get connected.

I’m having problems

    • Try a different wall port. Only one wall port per bedroom is connected.
    • Try removing, then re-inserting the cable at both sides.
    • Try a different cable if one is available.
    • Ensure that your TCP/IP settings are set to automatic:


      • Press Start (Windows Logo Key) + R, then once the run command has appeared type ncpa.cpl.
      • This page will bring up your current connections, once on this page right-click on your wired connection
      • Then select Properties.
      • Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IP4), please ensure this is still ticked, then select properties.
      • Your TCP/IP settings should be set to Obtain an IP Address automatically and Obtain a DNS server address automatically.
      • Click OK.


    • Go to System Preferences.
    • Then select Network.
    • On the left hand side you should see a list of you Network Adapters, please select your Ethernet Connection and select Advanced.
    • On TCP/IP tab please ensure that you are using DHCP and on the DNS Tab please ensure there are no DNS servers in the DNS Servers box. To remove one select it and then select the minus button below.
    • Ensure you’re trying to go to in your browser
    • Try an alternative, non-secure website such as
    • Try a different web browser.
    • Reboot your computer/device.
    • Temporarily disable your security software (anti-virus, Firewall, etc).
    • Check wireless is disabled and has not connected to any wireless networks automatically
    • Try your computer in a friend’s room. There may be a fault with your room’s wall port.