Performing Ping tests on a Windows computer

In order to test connectivity and latency, we can instruct your computer to send and receive small amounts of data to one of Google’s servers, and to the equipment at your accommodation (these are called pings). For this we can use an application called Command Prompt, which is installed on your computer by default.

Performing a Ping Test:

  1. Click the start menu icon and search for ‘CMD’

  2. Right click the ‘Command Prompt’ application and ‘Run as Administrator’ You will need to open two of these windows.

  3. Line up the windows side by side and enter the following commands, one in each window:

    First window: ping -n 100
    Second window: ping gw -n 100

    Press Enter to start the command in each window.
  4. Allow all 100 pings to be completed. You will know when the test is finished as the text will stop scrolling and you will see the words “ping statistics
  5. Take a screenshot of the results, without cropping the image so that we can see the time stamp
  6. Send the result to together with any other tests requested, and mentioning your issue reference number

  7. Your screenshot should look something like below: