Using Personal Wireless Access Points and Routers

For student customers, the use of a personal router or access point is not permitted.

The use of personal routers can degrade the service that you and your neighbours receive by interfering with and disrupting their wireless signal. If you are using a personal access point due to problems with the ASK4 wireless service, please contact ASK4 Support, who will be able to investigate your problem.

For residential customers, the use of a personal router is permitted.

We encourage our residential customers to obtain a wireless cable router. This will allow you to connect multiple devices to the Internet through your own wireless service. An ADSL router will only allow one device to be used. You must purchase a “Wireless cable router” to use multiple devices. Residential customers must have DHCP enabled, which is usually enabled by default. The Ethernet cable from the wall port must plug into the port on your router labelled “WAN” or in some cases “Internet”. Please note we cannot recommend any specific products for you to purchase. We are however, more than happy to advise on compatibility with our network.