Other Internet Issues

  • I am not able to access a particular website.
    The first thing to do is confirm that the website you are attempting to access is currently accessible from your ASK4 connection. This can be done by using a website such as www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ Using this website, you can enter the URL of the website you are attempting to visit to see if it can be accessed from a location other than your accommodation. Secondly, if you have a mobile device with a 3G/4G connection, please attempt to visit the intended site using this connection rather than your ASK4 connection. This will make it easier to see if the problem is with the website, or with your accommodation Internet connection. If you have confirmed the website works from non-ASK4 connections, we can investigate this further. Please contact our Support Team to let us know.
  • I can’t get onto the University Blackboard website.
    The site itself may be down. These sites can become vulnerable when a high volume of students visit at the same time. Alternatively, it could be an issue with the IP address our network has supplied to your device. If you’re not sure, please give our Support Team a call.
  • I can’t make a phone call in my room because of poor signal.
    ASK4 is not responsible for the mobile signal you receive in your room. Please contact your mobile phone network provider. They may be able to provide an alternative solution.
  • I’m having problems with my computer/a device I use.
    ASK4 is not responsible for your devices. Please speak to a desktop support company or your University’s IT department.
  • I have a laptop on University loan but I can’t use it in my accommodation as it’s registered to the previous users account.
    Contact your University or organisation, they will need to provide us with confirmation of this before we can make any changes.
  • My laptop is registered to a friends account but now they have gone back to their home country abroad and it has expired.
    You will need to speak to the friend whose account the device is registered to, get them to visit myaccount.ask4.com and then remove the device so you can use it.
  • I entered incorrect details when creating my account and now I can’t log in.
    We would need to speak to you over the phone to see if we can confirm your identity. Please contact the Support Team when convenient.
  • I am unable to use Skype.
    Make sure you’re connected and ensure your device is up to date. Is the problem when calling one particular person or everyone? If it is one person, the problem may be at their side.
  • I’m a fan of League of Legends and I can’t play. Why?
    Check with Riot Games for any patching that’s going on. Try another server closer to your location.
  • My lamp/kettle/shower is not working.
    Please contact the hall staff or maintenance department of your building.
  • When I Skype a particular person, the video sometimes cuts out.
    If your connection is generally fine, the problem may be at the recipient’s end. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to resolve this issue, but we would recommend they speak to their Internet provider.
  • Where can I pick up an Ethernet cable if I live in student accommodation?
    Reception may have some free cables for students or you are welcome to purchase your own from any retailer.