How does your Internet work?

National network

European Network

ASK4 has spent almost two decades building a network spanning the whole of the UK and into Europe, connected at a number of key points. These are the core network points of an ASK4 Internet connection and they are interconnected, so if anything were to happen to one of those points the network still continues to function. As ASK4 continues to grow, so does our network, providing the same high-quality connection to users wherever they are located.

Getting the internet to your building

Getting the Internet to your building

We use dark-fibre technology to get a superfast connection to your building. This isn’t your standard “fibre to the cabinet” connection you might find in homes. We work with specialist providers who design, plan and install the underground cabling for us. The dark-fibre connects your building to the ASK4 Network, giving it a lightning fast path to the rest of the world.

State of the art equipment

State of the art equipment

Each building that uses ASK4 Internet contains a specialised, secure room that houses the equipment which helps provide your connection. The room is kept cool 24/7 to keep our equipment in top working order. In this room we have the Gateway – a piece of equipment with over a hundred times more power than a typical home router. This handles all of your Internet traffic and seamlessly sends the data on to where it needs to go.

Cables everywhere

Your building plugged in

So, how do we get our superfast Internet to your rooms? Cabling specialists and electricians work to run hundreds of cables throughout your building to every single bedroom from the locations where our equipment is stored. This is not an easy task but it does enable the wired connection you’ll likely find on your wall and allows us to connect our wireless equipment reliably.

Wireless mesh


Most buildings that use ASK4 Internet are pretty big. This means having one WiFi connection in a Common Room isn’t going to do very well in reaching the whole building. If you consider the number of walls, doors, bathrooms and furniture that a WiFi connection needs to travel through, it means we need to go heavy duty on your WiFi. Our Engineers use a mixture of specialist WiFi Design software, surveying equipment and years of experience to know exactly where we need to install our mesh of industry leading Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to provide blanket coverage across your building. The WAPs all work in unison via a central controller to create one huge WiFi network. Each unit is regularly checking the Wireless environment to ensure its configuration is optimised to get the most out of your Internet connection. On top of the building-wide wireless network, each resident can also access their own virtual, private and secure, wireless network. This means that you can connect all of your wireless-enabled devices together over a virtual network that only you can access. That means your neighbour can’t connect to your wireless printer, or change the music playing on your wireless speakers!