Why can’t I join my friend’s game?

There are a few things that could cause you to be unable to connect a friend’s game or server.

Are you receiving a “strict” or “moderate” NAT type error?

Please see this page for more information and give our support team a call.

Are you and your friend living in the same accommodation?

At all of the accommodation buildings we provide to, we use a network security feature called “Client Isolation”. This prevents devices connected within an accommodation from communicating with one another. This is in place to prevent unauthorised access to devices between customers.

When the game server notices two consoles are in the same building, it may attempt to transmit data locally instead of across the Internet, which may cause problems due to our network security.

If you are having this issue, please don’t hesitate to report this to our support team and we will be more than happy to try and resolve this problem for you and your friend.

Are there any issues or scheduled maintenance windows with the online service you are using?

All online service providers perform maintenance and have the occasional issues with functionality for people attempting to use the services they provide.

Luckily, most online gaming providers have a viewable page on the Internet which allows you to check the status of their online service.

Below are a list of popular service providers, and links to their online status page.

If your game or service is not listed above, try searching online for its “Service Status” page.

If none of the above seem to be the cause of your issue, please note down any error messages you are getting, and call our support team and we will be more than happy to help.