4Voice tariffs

Below you will find a list of the tariffs associated with using the 4Voice service.

Prefix (dnid)
Cost Per Minute  
Cost One Off
National Rates
National/Local Geographic 01 1.9p 0p
National/Local Geographic 02 1.9p 0p
Freephone 0500 0p 10p
Mobile Phones 07 15p 0p
Freephone 0800 0p 10p
Freephone 0808 0p 10p
Special Services Basic Rate 0843 5p 0p
Special Services Basic Rate 0844 5p 0p
National Local Rate 0845 3.6p 0p
National Non-Geographic 0870 8p 0p
National Non-Geographic 0871 12p 0p
Geographic (International)
Argentina (South America) 0054 30p 0p
Australia 0061 6p 0p
Austria (Western Europe) 0043 5.8p 0p
Bahamas 0012 45p 0p
Belgium (Western Europe) 0032 5.8p 0p
Bolivia (South America) 00591 30p 0p
Brazill (South America) 0055 30p 0p
Chile (South America) 0056 30p 0p
China 0086 12p 0p
Columbia (South America) 0057 30p 0p
Denmark (Western Europe) 0045 5.8p 0p
France (Western Europe) 0033 5.8p 0p
Germany (Western Europe) 0049 5.8p 0p
Greece (Western Europe) 0030 5.8p 0p
Guatemal (South America) 00502 30p 0p
India 0091 28p 0p
Ireland (Western Europe) 00353 5.8p 0p
Italy (Western Europe) 0039 5.8p 0p
Japan 0081 9p 0p
Luxembourg (Western Europe) 00352 5.8p 0p
Panama (South America) 00507 30p 0p
Paraguay (South America) 00595 30p 0p
Peru (South America) 0051 30p 0p
Portugal (Western Europe) 00351 5.8p 0p
Spain (Western Europe) 0034 5.8p 0p
Sweden (Western Europe) 0046 5.8p 0p
Taiwan 00886 15p 0p
The Netherlands (Western Europe) 0031 5.8p 0p
USA/Canada 001 7p 0p
Venezuala (South America) 0058 30p 0p
Pakistan 0092 25p 0p
Rest of World 00 45p 0p
ASK4 Numbers
Support Calls 0114 303 3232   0p 0p
Support Calls 084512387xx   0p 0p
Support Calls 08458380450   0p 0p
Internal Calls 08451680 0p 0p
Internal Calls 08451681 0p 0p
4Voice Internal Calls 08454044 0p 0p
4Voice Internal calls 08454151 0p 0p
4Voice Internal calls 08454152 0p 0p
4Voice Internal calls 08454211 0p 0p
4Voice Internal calls 08454218 0p 0p
4Voice Internal calls 08454219 0p 0p